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Custom Bait Car Solutions

“ProStar’s custom built bait cars take unmanned surveillance to the next level!”

– Satisfied Customer

ProStar’s all-inclusive Bait Cars can be customized to fit your organization’s goals. Our cars are equipped with 360-degree views of the interior and surrounding area of the vehicle. They utilize the most current GPS technology and high-definition cameras.

Our bait vehicles have been used in several types of cases, throughout the United States:

  • Narcotics/Drug Buys
  • Human Trafficking
  • Insurance Fraud / Workman’s Compensation
  • Child Abuse / Child Custody Cases
  • Residential Surveillance
  • Petty Theft Outbreaks

Once our vehicles are deployed, they are monitored around-the-clock remotely by our surveillance team. When the vehicle is breached, our staff is trained to take immediate action. Their first priority is to work closely with the local authorities and supply them with identifiable footage from the break-in so that they can successfully apprehend the perpetrator.

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