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ProStar Rebar Hidden Camera

Hiding cameras in plain site has just gone to the next level.

Our perpetrators are always changing, so why wouldn’t our products? ProStar’s Re-Rod camera is yet another new product developed for the investigative professional. These static surveillance cameras blend into any location, undetected.

Armed with over 72 hours of continuous recording time and built in laser sites for placement, this is a must-have tool for any investigative professional! The high resolution video is recorded on an SD card which can be played back to television directly from the unit – or the SD card can be removed and played on your PC.

NEW FEATURE: Available laser sight for precise placement and perfect camera angles!

100% satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back!

Product Description

Re-Rod Camera Footage

Applications for the re-rod cam include:

  • Major road ways
  • Urban areas
  • Construction sites
  • Industrial sites
  • Street signs
  • Utility theft

The ProStar Re-Rod Cam also can be outfitted with ground wiring to give the appearance of a permanent area fixture (as seen in photo).

ProStar also offers placement training on all its camera systems using counter surveillance techniques and applications.


Pixel 5 Megapixel CMOS
Resolution 1080P/720P/480P Selectable
Video Format ASF (convertible to AVI)
Frames 25
View Angle 90 °
Distance of motion detection shooting 45′ distance (dependable)


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